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“resist: pq” is a new adaptation of the “resist” artwork that introduces a remote conflict resolution service available to visitors to the Prague Quadriendial. pvi collective offer participants the opportunity to nominate their own dilemmas for the team to resolve on the streets of Australia. The process and outcomes will be available within 24 hours both online and as part of the Australian exhibit in Prague. 

resist is a participatory performance work that invites audiences to step up and champion a cause using the ancient art of tug-of-war. Participants publically wage war one-on-one with the pvi conflict resolution team over a series of contentious issues that have the community divided, using only a 10m length of rope, their physical prowess and the spirit of their own convictions.

Culminating in a series of quick and dirty performances, resist involves a short period of time on the ground soliciting information relevant to each location. They may include local, global and uniquely personal issues with suggested solutions to resolving each topic. each issue is listed on an oversized scoreboard and individual audience members are invited to select one they would like to wage war over. Each contest runs until someone wins/loses.

Following the tug of war battles, pvi deliver the results of our contests to a key civic leader in the community, handing over the official mantle of ‘champion of the people’ for them to implement suggested changes. In previous showings this has included filmed performative interventions in the offices of the w.a. police commissioner, the lord mayors’ of perth and junee and the president of chile.

resist was originally commissioned as a live art event for museo de arte contemporaneo, santiago oct 06, was adapted as an in-theatre work for awesome festival 2009. It has since played on a train as a durational work as part of rolling stock festival 2010, in the cultural centre in perth and on a beach in mumbai, india.

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Our “resist” PQ video contains footage from:

“resist”, Museum of Contemporary Art, “The South Project”, Santiago, Chile. Sept 2008.

“resist: cultural centre”, Northbridge, Western Australia.

Commissioned by Artsource. Nov 2011.

“resist: Mumbai”, Juju Beach, Mumbai, India

Commissioned by Satellite for [en]counters festival. Jan 2013.

Devised by pvi collective.

Core Artists: Steve Bull & Kelli McCluskey

Producer: Kate Neylon

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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

For more info or to contact the producers about touring contact projects@pvicollective.com

About pvi collective

pvi collective create agitational, participatory artworks that are intent on the creative disruption of everyday life. Every artwork aims to affect audiences on a personal and political level and is geared towards instigating tiny revolutions. The company aims to make activists of our audiences by creating playfully subversive performances that invite genuine engagement, transforming our perceptions of space, cities and environment.