The Colour of The Sky

#thecolouroftheskytoday is a participatory project conceived for PQ15 that over six months invited Australian artists, designers and the public to capture and submit photographs of the ever changing vista above. This collection has been animated and projected within the exhibition. Over 800 photographs from all over Australia were submitted.

During the exhibition hours Australia is mostly in darkness but by reanimating these skies as artificial light we embark on a game time and place.


Colour of the Sky Today Contributers:

Alan Dukes

Alexis De Silva

Angus Cerini

Anna Lengyel

Anna Tregloan

Averil Yeo

Caroline Lee

Chloe Greaves

Chris Donnelly

Christina Shepard

David Franzke

Emma Dodd

Erin Milne

Francesca Ayling

Gill Perkins

Isabella Andronos

Joel Markham

Jonathon Oxlade

Julie Lynch

Kaitlyn Evans

Klare Lanson

Kristy Edmonds

Levina H. Then

Lucy Beaumont

Michael Nossal

Natalie Curseo

Nick Schlieper

Nikki Hauser

PVI collective

Russel Adams

Sal Longmuir

Sam Routiledge (SP)

Sarah Parsons

Simal Tenkin

Sophie Travers

Stephen Armstrong

Suzi Cordell

Tao Weis

Tobhiah Stone-Fellar

Trent Suidgeest

Trent Suidgeest’s Dad

Vanessa Pigram

Virginia Hyam